Environmental Policy

Heatons obtained ISO:9001 accreditation way back in 1994 and this was supplemented in 2010 when we achieved our ISO:14001 accreditation.

During this period the business has implemented key energy and resource saving efficiencies.

Solar panels & heating system

We recently decided to utilise the space on our roofs and went ahead with the installation of a 25 kwp Solar PV panel system. This was in addition to an original 10kwp system that we had previously had installed. Within the space of 6 years, the system will have paid for itself and then we will have another 19 years of payments from our electricity supplier for our electricity as well as seeing our energy costs fall even more. As well as this, we also managed to replace our conventional heating system with an efficient air source heating system, powered through the solar energy generated.

Green fleet

Using our Masternaut tracking system we can monitor and implement the most efficient uses of our vehicles and their journeys.

What is GreenerFleet?

Greater efficiency goes hand-in-hand with lowering costs and reducing your environmental impact. That’s why we introduced GreenerFleet. It’s a powerful fleet management tool that helps lower your carbon footprint whilst saving you money. It works with the Masternaut vehicle tracking solution, using real-time data to lower CO2 emissions, improve driver behaviours and ultimately increase efficiency.

GreenerFleet was developed in response to the demand for a practical and easy to implement solution to lower vehicle emissions, realised through better driving behaviour. Masternaut was the first major vehicle tracking specialist to launch a Green solution, and since it’s launch, GreenerFleet has evolved to also include essential Duty of Care and Fuel Management functionality.

GreenerFleet works with data from the Masternaut tracking solution. It tracks driver behaviours and vehicle use over time, linking this to vehicle emissions and fuel use. The data is intelligently processed and delivers insight into the causes of excess emissions such as speeding and engine idling. Using GreenerFleet, performance and improvement can be monitored over time.

Clearly there are corresponding reductions in fuel used and tyre wear along with a reduced impact on already congested roads.

We have replaced 90% of delivery fleet with Bluemotion vechicles, using the most up to date technology to improve efficiencies. Our aim is to reach 100% as soon as possible.

Premises management

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we recently replaced our 250Watt SON Warehouse lighting with 140Watt LED fittings. Throughout our offices we have also switched to energy saving lighting as well as installing occupying sensors and local light switches.

Externally, we have replaced our site lighting and introduced infra-red security cameras which are triggered by motion.

As well as the air source heating system, we have also converted our bathroom facilities and introduced waterless urinal systems across the business.

Finally, the introduction of formal departmental lockdown procedures has resulted in end of day shut down check sheets. Turning off unused office equipment, including laptops and photocopiers, at source.

We have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions per employee significantly, and aim to reduce these levels further in the coming years. We have done this in a variety of ways;

• All cardboard & plastic waste is recycled throughout the business

• Use of video conferencing where possible

• Plan ahead and combine trips.

• Making sure heating does not come on unnecessarily in an empty building

• Use recycled paper and vegetable based inks for printing; this can include using recycled toilet paper

• Weekly vehicle inspections, guaranteeing vehicles are operating efficiently

UK manufacturing

We are delighted that over 80% of products we supply are manufactured within the UK. Buying local is a major contributor to assisting the economy and supporting the UK manufacturing industry.

At Heatons we are always looking to challenge and, where possible, improve processes in order to achieve even greater efficiencies. We hold both the ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations. We pursued these voluntary certificates to enhance our environmental credentials.

This is an internationally recognised standard that will ensure we reduce our negative impact upon the environment.

All of the particle board used by Heatons is both FSC & PEFC compliant. FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) & PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) are non-profit organisations concerned with ensuring the responsible and sustainable management of forests.

Both organisations have international recognition and work to ensure that the world’s forests are managed in a responsible manner.


• Reduce the use of raw materials by allowing you to focus on most environmentally acceptable / least damaging / Fairtrade products.

• Reduce road miles by delivering your orders complete, correct & error free.

• Reduce road miles by ‘back-haul’.

• Reduce energy consumption by buildings management processes.

• Reduce paper use by providing product information electronically.


• Re-use / optimise vehicle traffic to collect goods from manufacturers.

• Re-use toners. (by use of the Office Basics brand where around 75% is recycled / remanufactured)


• Recycle over 500 tons of cardboard each year.

• Recycle over 50 tons of stretch-wrap each year.

• Recycle(d) paper is used for our catalogues.

• Recycle all toners and office papers at each site.

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