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2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m Blue (Pack of 6) KF03805 Pack of 1 Created from 100% recycled material.These versatile rolls can be used to mop, absorb, polish or dry with equal efficiency,. Suitable for use in centrefeed dispensers, this pack contains 6 blue 2-ply rolls. Length 150m
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Mini Jumbo White 2-Ply Toilet Roll 150m (Pack of 12) J26150NDS Pack of 1 Good value mini jumbo toilet roll White, 2 ply tissue Works in a dispenser for easy access Core size: 60mm Pack of 12x416 Sheets
in stock 681
320 Sheet Toilet Roll White (Pack of 36) WX43093 Pack of 1 White - 3Ply - Pure - Length 19.6m - Width 105mm - Core 50mm - Sheets 140
in stock 1221
in stock 780
2Work Luxury 2-Ply Quilted Toilet Roll 200 Sheets (Pack of 40) DQ4Pk Pack of 1 White - 2Ply - Pure - Length 20m - Width 90mm - Core 45mm - Sheets 200
in stock 1073
2Work Luxury 3-Ply Quilted Toilet Roll 170 Sheets (Pack of 40) TQ4Pk Pack of 1 White - 3Ply - Pure - Length 90m - Width 90mm - Core - - Sheets 818
in stock 617
Velvet Comfort Toilet Roll 2Ply White (Pack of 24) 1102049 Pack of 1 Triple Velvet toilet roll. Luxuriously soft strong toilet tissue. 3-Ply tissue with a dimpled middle layer. Average 200 sheets per roll. Sheet size: 120 x 109mm.
in stock 62
2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m White (Pack of 6) KF03804 Pack of 1 White - 2Ply - Recycled - Length 150m - Width 175mm - Core 60mm - Sheets 417
in stock 1459
Maxima Green 2-Ply White Toilet Roll 200 Sheet (Pack of 48) KMAX200G Pack of 1 Soft and strong 2 ply toilet roll. Affordable and environmentally friendly. Ideal colour choice for any bathroom. Can be used in a dispensing unit. 100% recycled and kind to the environment. Contains 200 sheets per roll. Pack of 48. Colour: White
in stock 4558
Lucart 2Ply EcoNatural L-One Mini Toilet Roll 12x900 Pack of 1 EcoNatural L-1 non-bleached toilet tissue are manufactured from recycled beverage cartons which provides unique environmental benefits. With an impressive 900 sheets per roll making them Ideal for busy washrooms.
in stock 130
Lucart EcoNatural Z-Fold Hand Towels 200 Sheets (Pack of 15) 864043 Pack of 1 Blue - 1Ply - Recycled - Length 240mm - Width 220mm - Core - - Sheets 3000
in stock 309
Maxima Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue 2-Ply 250 Sheets White (Pack of 36) KMAX2067 Pack of 1 Natural - 2Ply - Fiberpack - Length 150m - Width 98mm - Core 76mm - Sheets 405
in stock 2841
2Work 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Roll 60mm Core (Pack of 6) J26400VW Pack of 1 White - 2Ply - Pure - Length 400m - Width 90mm - Core 60mm - Sheets 1111
in stock 316
Tork T8 SmartOne Toilet Roll 2-Ply 1150 Sheets (Pack of 6) 472242 Pack of 1 Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll 2ply White P6
in stock 6
2Work Recycled 2-Ply Toilet Roll 320 Sheets (Pack of 36) KF03808 Pack of 1 Soft and strong 2-ply toilet tissue. 320 sheets per roll. Colour - White. (See 43612 for dispenser).
in stock 858
Maxima Green C-Fold Hand Towel 1-Ply Green 144x20 (Pack of 1380) MAx5053 Pack of 1 1-Ply, C-fold hand towels. Absorbent and tough on spills. Made from 100% recycled paper. Fit into standard hand towel dispensers. Eco-friendly hand drying solution. 20 packs containing 144 towels. Colour: Green
in stock 87
Maxima Toilet Roll 320 Sheets (Pack of 36) 1102001 Pack of 1 Maxima 320 sheet toilet roll. Two ply soft and strong white toilet rolls made from 100% recycled paper. In bulk packs of 36.
in stock 1507
200 Sheet Toilet Roll White (Pack of 48) WX43541 Pack of 1 Soft, absorbent and strong toilet roll. Ideal for any washroom or toilet. Affordable, good value for money. Made from 100% recycled material. Contains 200 sheets per roll. Excellent value for money. Pack of 48. Colour: White
in stock 597
Tork Singlefold Hand Towel H3 White 250 Sheets (Pack of 15) 290163 Pack of 1 Tork Soft Single Fold Hand Towel White
in stock 103
Lucart Professional Hand Towel 230SZ Z-Fold 2-Ply White (Pack of 3000) PDHTWM230S Pack of 1 These Z Fold hand towels are designed to fit the Raphael Z Fold 1000 dispenser. With a sheet width of 200mm and a sheet length of 240mm, the 2-ply, laminated and embossed hand towels are supplied in a pack of 20. Each pack contains 150 white sheets.
in stock 628
Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel H2 White 100 Sheets (Pack of 21) 100297 Pack of 1 These Tork extra soft 2-ply white premium hand towels are made from absorbent, soft paper for a gentle and thorough hand-drying experience. Tork has embossed these hand towels with grey leaves designed to reduce consumption, waste and refill frequency. Thanks to the one-at-a-time dispensing technolo...
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Tork T9 SmartOne Mini Toilet Roll 2-Ply 620 Sheets (Pack of 12) 472193 Pack of 1 Tork SmartOne Mini Toilet Roll 2ply Whte
in stock 525
Cheeky Panda Toilet Tissue Bulk Pack 150 Sheet (Pack of 36) TOILTBULKX36 Pack of 1 This luxuriously soft toilet tissue is made from sustainable Bamboo toilet paper and does not contain any additives, helping it to disintegrate faster than its wood pulp-based counterpart, and is septic tank safe.
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Scott Control Toilet Tissue Centrefeed Roll 2-Ply 833 Sheets (Pack of 12) 8591 Pack of 1 Scott Control centrefeed toilet roll offers dispensing of single toilet paper sheets, meaning you only touch the sheets you use, helping to maximise washroom hygiene whilst controlling usage, reducing waste and cutting unnecessary costs
in stock 616
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