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2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m Blue (Pack of 6) KF03805 Pack of 1 Created from 100% recycled material.These versatile rolls can be used to mop, absorb, polish or dry with equal efficiency,. Suitable for use in centrefeed dispensers, this pack contains 6 blue 2-ply rolls. Length 150m
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2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 150m White (Pack of 6) KF03804 Pack of 1 White - 2Ply - Recycled - Length 150m - Width 175mm - Core 60mm - Sheets 417
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Lucart EcoNatural Z-Fold Hand Towels 200 Sheets (Pack of 15) 864043 Pack of 1 Blue - 1Ply - Recycled - Length 240mm - Width 220mm - Core - - Sheets 3000
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Maxima Green C-Fold Hand Towel 1-Ply Green 144x20 (Pack of 1380) MAx5053 Pack of 1 1-Ply, C-fold hand towels. Absorbent and tough on spills. Made from 100% recycled paper. Fit into standard hand towel dispensers. Eco-friendly hand drying solution. 20 packs containing 144 towels. Colour: Green
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Lucart Professional Hand Towel 230SZ Z-Fold 2-Ply White (Pack of 3000) PDHTWM230S Pack of 1 These Z Fold hand towels are designed to fit the Raphael Z Fold 1000 dispenser. With a sheet width of 200mm and a sheet length of 240mm, the 2-ply, laminated and embossed hand towels are supplied in a pack of 20. Each pack contains 150 white sheets.
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2Work Hand Towel C-Fold 2-Ply White 217x310mm (Pack of 2295) 2W70063 Pack of 1 2Work C-Fold Hand Towel 2-Ply. Highly absorbent paper towels for use in the wall dispenser CT34069. White. 310 x 225mm.
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2Work Hand Towel Dispenser 425x290x145mm CT34069 Pack of 1 For a simple way to ensure that hand towels remain hygienic yet accesible, this dispenser is the perfect solution. The design keeps paper towels protected and hygienic. The dispenser is lockable and comes with a plastic key provided.
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2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll 10 Inch Blue (Pack of 24) KF03806 Pack of 1 2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll. Perforated two ply roll suitable for medical couch covers and more. Blue. 250mm x 40m.
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2Work 3-Ply Centrefeed Roll 135m Blue (Pack of 6) 2W00083 Pack of 1 2Work Centrefeed Roll 3-Ply Blue 135m. 375 sheets per roll. 60mm core. Pack of 6 rolls.
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Tork Conventional Toilet Roll 2-Ply 320 Sheets (Pack of 36) 100320 Pack of 1 Tork Conventional Toilet Roll White 320 Sheet 472150. Absorbent 2 ply. Embossed for comfort.
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Katrin Plus Hand Towel 3-Ply Easy Pick Non Stop M3 (Pack of 8) 73177 Pack of 1 Katrin Plus Hand Towels are 3-ply, white non stop, Z-Fold hand towels for everyday use. Self presenting towels, a sheet at a time is hygienic and helps reduce consumption. Supplied in sealed self-dispensing packs, ideal for on the move or in mobile workspaces. Dermatologically tested and approved. A...
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2Work Hand Towel 2-Ply Z-Fold White (Pack of 2244) 2W00950 Pack of 1 2-ply, Z-fold paper hand towels Colour: White For drying, wiping and cleaning For use in hand towel dispensers Pack of 2244 Soft, absorbent towels Supplied in 12 sleeves of 187 towels Towel size: W202 x L240mm
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Kleenex Ultra Hand Towel V-Fold 2-Ply 124 Sheets (Pack of 15) 6778 Pack of 1 Ultra 2-Ply hand towels manufactured from highly absorbent Airflex. 116-sheets per pack. Sheet size - 315x215mm. Colour - White. See KC01197 for wall mounted dispenser.
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Kleenex 2-Ply Ultra Hand Towel 124 Sheets (Pack of 5) 7979 Pack of 1 Kleenex White Ultra Hand Towel (Pk 5) 7979 Splash resistant box, poly-shield box coating protects unused towels. Reduced waste, one-at-a-time dispensing so users take only what they need 70 Sheets
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Tork Matic Hand Towel H1 White 150m (Pack of 6) 290067 Pack of 1 Tork Matic Hand Towel 2 Ply White P6
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Tork Extra Soft Facial Tissues P24 Pack of 1 Tork Extra Soft Facial Tissues P24 Tork Extra Soft Facial Tissues come in a cube box in modern design, which can be placed where needed and shows your guests extra care with the premium feel and performance of the facial tissues. 2 ply Sheet size: Width 200mm, Length: Folded 104mm, Unfolded 209...
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2Work Hand Towel 2-Ply Flushable White (Pack of 2430) 2W00270 Pack of 1 2Work Flushable C-Fold Hand Towel Embossed 2-Ply White 96 Sheets Pk 24 HT2WAVW
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Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel H2 White 150 Sheets (Pack of 21) 100289 Pack of 1 Tork Xpress Premium Soft Hand Towels Multifold 2 Ply White 100289
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Tork Reflex M4 Centrefeed Tissue 2-Ply 150m Blue (Pack of 6) 473263 Pack of 1 For use with the Tork Reflex centrefeed dispenser. 2-ply for robust durability. Individually wrapped for hygiene. 150m rolls with 429 sheets per roll. Sheet dimensions 194x350mm. Pack of 6 rolls. Blue.
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1-Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towels (Pack of 2856) HTG2850 Pack of 1 1-ply, C-fold hand towel for drying hands. Can also be used for wiping and drying surfaces. Perfect for maintaining a hygienic environment. Great value product. Absorbs all liquid with ease. Colour: Green.
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2Work 1-Ply Mini Centrefeed Roll 120M 70mm Core White (Pack of 12) KF03784 Pack of 1 Eco Friendly 100% recycled paper rolls. 1 ply 120m refills. 195mm wide.
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TorkXpress Multifold Hand Towel 1ply P12 Pack of 1 TorkXpress Multifold Hand Towel 1ply P12 1 Ply Use with Tork® Xpress™ Multifold Dispenser Towel size L240 x W213mm Recycled 250 towels per sleeve Case quantity 12 sleeves Blue
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