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Q-Connect Staples 26/6mm (Pack of 5000) KF27001 Pack of 1 Q-Connect 26/6 Staples for strong and secure fastening. Fit with a variety of standard sized staplers. Ensures that pages stayed fastened. Designed not to jam in your stapler. Low cost, high value alternative to bigger brands. Metallic Finish.
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Q-Connect Full Strip Plastic Stapler Black KF01057 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Full Strip Plastic Stapler. Manufactured from ABS with an inner metal chassis for added strength. Sheet capacity of 20 and a throat depth of 80mm.
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Q-Connect Staple Remover with Ergonomic Grip KF01232 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Staple Remover. Removes staples quickly, easily and safely and its unique design has a lock down device for extra safety. Suitable for use with all standard staples.
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Q-Connect Full Strip Metal Stapler 20 Sheet Black KF01231 Pack of 1 Q-Connect Full Strip Metal Stapler. Quality all metal construction with ABS cap for comfort. 20 sheet capacity and a throat depth of 80mm. Colour - Black.
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ABS Half Strip Stapler Black WX01056 Pack of 1 Half Strip Plastic Stapler. Manufactured from ABS with an inner metal chassis for added strength. Accepts No.26/6 and 24/6 staples with a sheet capacity of 20 and a throat depth of 56mm. (for staples see KF27001).
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Rapesco 26/6mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S11662Z3 Pack of 1 Reliable Rapesco technology. Designed to be hard wearing. Boasts a high number of staples per box. Easy to use. Pack of 5000. Metallic finish.
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Rexel Choices No 56 Staples 6mm (Pack of 5000) 6025 Pack of 1 Rexel No.56 Staples. Precision engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance. No.56/6mm.
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Q-Connect Half Strip Metal Stapler Black (Capacity: 20 sheets of 80gsm paper) KF01044 Pack of 1 General office stapler Metal top and base for durability Top loading Sheet Capacity 20
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Q-Connect 24/6 Metal Precision Engineered Staples (Pack of 1000) KF01278 Pack of 1 Q-Connect 24/6 Staples. Precision made staples engineered to the highest standards of quality to give excellent performance. Designed to fit all staplers using 24/6 staples.
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Rexel Meteor Half Strip Stapler 20 Sheet Black 2100019 Pack of 1 Rexel Meteor Half Strip Stapler. 20-25 sheet capacity. Takes no.56 or No16 staples. Colour - Black.
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Rexel Odyssey Heavy Duty Staples (Pack of 2500) 2100050 Pack of 1 Precision-manufactured steel staples. Designed for Rexel Odyssey heavy duty staplers. Reliably fasten anything from 2 to 60 pages. Metallic finish. Pack of 2500.
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Rexel Choices No 16 Staples 6mm (Pack of 5000) 6010 Pack of 1 Rexel staples are precision engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance. There's a Rexel staple to fit every stapler in the Rexel range. No.16. (26/6 staples shown).
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Rapesco Flat Clinch Half Strip Stapler Capacity 30 Sheets Black 1064 Pack of 1 Rapesco Flat Clinch Half Strip Stapler. Stapler with comfortable ergonomic design and personalisation window. Accepts 26/6 and 24/6 staples.
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Rexel Centor Half Strip Stapler Silver/Black 2100595 Pack of 1 Rexel Centor Stand-Up Stapler. A versatile stapler that can either stand or sit on your desk. Features include a large cushioned finger grip. Moulded from soft feel material making it very comfortable to use. Staples up to 25 sheets of 80gsm paper.
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Rexel Ecodesk Compact Stapler 20 Sheet Black 2100029 Pack of 1 Rexel Gemini Stapler. Half strip stapler featuring soft feel rubber base and cap insert. Integral staple remover and new spring pull back mechanism. Sheet capacity - 15. Colour - Black.
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Rapesco Marlin Full Strip Stapler Capacity 25 Sheets Black R54500B2 Pack of 1 Rapesco Metal Stapler 20/25 sheets
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Rapesco R7 Sting Ray Half Strip Stapler Black R72660B3 Pack of 1 Rapesco Office Stapler R7. Modern design with unique soft rubber top cap. Full rubber base and staple refill indicator. Loads half strips. Throat depth 65mm. Capacity 20 sheets of 80gsm paper. Colour - Black.
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Rexel Optima 70 Heavy Duty Staples (Pack of 2500) 2102497 Pack of 1 Rexel Optima Staples. Guaranteed jam-free staples presented in a professional and secure tin. HD70. Each tin contains 2500 staples.
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Rapesco 101 Staple Remover W15XL195mm Black PSR101B1 Pack of 1 Stylish design with comfortable grip. Easily removes staple by simply sliding under. Ideal for office use up to 8mm staples. Colour - Black.
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Rapesco 923/12mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92312Z3 Pack of 1 To fit all heavy duty staplers taking 9 series and 23 series staples. Also fits Rexel Giant. Galvanised finish. Pack 4000. 12mm leg lengths.
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Rapesco 923/14mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92314Z3 Pack of 1 Rapesco 923/14 Staples P4000
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Rapesco ECO HD-100 Heavy Duty Stapler Black 1276 Pack of 1 Staples up to 100 sheets of 80gsm paper Soft rubber handle grip and non-slip rubber feet for added comfort and stability Easy press button front loading Takes 923 series 6-13mm staples 25 year guarantee
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Rapesco 717 Extra Heavy Duty Stapler Black R71726B3 Pack of 1 Rapesco Spinna 171. Heavy duty front loading stapler with adjustable paper guide and margin adjuster. All steel chassis and magazine safety brake system to control the ejection of the front loading magazine. Staples up to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper.
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